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Birthdate:Nov 14
Location:Torrance, California, United States of America
Long time LJ'er - coming over to check things out.

Leading edge of Gen X and don't ever forget it. (Well, you could - but then we'd have to keel ya!)

Interests (150):

adoption, aerosmith, aloha, angels, anime, anime music videos, anti-war, art, arts and crafts architecture, asian food period, barry manilow, bath fizzies, beatles, bush sucks, cal poly pomona, california, cats, chinese culture, chocolate, civil rights, clamp, community supported agriculture, comparative religion, computers, conservation, cooking, cory doctorow, cowboy bebop, danish, denmark, depression glass, disneyland, dogs, dolls, edi, electronic data interchange, elves, family, fan fiction, fanfic, fatherless daughter, filk, gardens, george gershwin, german, gershwin, glass, green party, green tea pocky, guardian angel, hanafuda, harry potter, hawaii, hawaiian food, hawaiian music, hawaiian quilting, hemet, hemet high school, hiking, hot tea, indian food, iron chef, j-pop, japan, japanese culture, jazz, juzo itami, kare kano, kimagure orange road, kimono, kona, los angeles, magic castle, man from uncle, marian zimmer bradley, marriage, masaya onosaka, mercedes lackey, mermaids, midlife parenting, mochi, monogamy, monty python, mountain climbing, music boxes, native californian, nature, negima, onigiri, parrot jokes, patchwork, patlabor, peace, pho, pico iyer, pink floyd, player pianos, poetry, polyamory, princess in disguise, pro-peace, pro-troops, quantum leap, quilts, ranma 1/2, recycling, rock climing, saiyuki, sake, samurai cinema, san francisco, sandwich generation, sashiko, saturday mornings, sewing, shinai, shojo manga, silent film, silk, sims2, single parent families, stained glass, starsky & hutch, sunrises, sunsets, superman, sushi, swiss, switzerland, takahashi, tenchi muyo, the twelve kingdoms, tolerance, tom clancy, torrance, travel, treehouses, trigun, valdemar, vegetarian, victorian houses, vintage aircraft, wildlife, wine, writing, yellow submarine, yoko kanno, yosemite, young widow, yu yu hakusho
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