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Hi there! I'm yet another journal vulture who loves reading, writing, art, and all that other good stuff. I am also a lover of fanfiction, to be more specific on the reading and writing front, with some of my favourite fandoms being Criminal Minds, FFVII and Queer as Folk. I am an active supporter of gay rights, and am very passionate about this. I have previously worked for the civil service (more precisely, for DEFRA) during my gap year. I have just reached the end of my second year of study at the University of Hull, where I study English Literature and Culture.
I'm also a fan of the Russian duo 'tATu', because I'm rocking the geeky retro thing. Or not.
I'm currently in the process of revamping a few of my old fics (though I haven't removed them from this journal, so read them at your own risk, brave travelers!) because I've looked back at some of them, particularly certain chapters, and just felt like doing a head-desk. I wrote them when I was about twelve or thirteen, so forgive me! And this is probably why my fiction updates have been slow, so if anyone is reading them and likes them, I'm sorry for this delay, but I am still active, I promise!
This journal was created via OpenID, mostly to allow me to connect better with other users and authors, so this journal doesn't actually contain any of my fiction or any other entries, but if you wish to access them, the OpenID links to my LiveJournal account, and all my posts are available there.
I'll add to this thing as new developments take place!
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