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ext_1771: Joe Flanigan looking A-Dorable. (joe mona - jf)'s Journal

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I have really fabulous hair.

Interests (128):

aesthetic architecture, amsterdam, amusing people, ancient cultures, apple cake, baby potatoes, baileys, bay area, being easily pleased, berlin, bible, bleeding-heart liberalism, board games, bonding over poetry, books, boys who cook, btvs, buffy/faith, buffy/spike, bureaucratic reform, california, catholicism, chai, christianity, christmas, city life, cocktails, crushing on fictional characters, dancing, dreaming, education, enlarging my interest list, europe, faith, famous five food, fancy receptions, fanfic, fangirling of fanfic writers, feminism, fictional genderswitch, fighter-pilots-not-portrayed-by-tom-cruise, flourless chocolate almond cake, friendly snarking, friendships, front porches, fruit salad, gary larson, gay rights, gender equality, goethe's faust, grad students, haikus, home-made iced tea, intellectual intercourse, interfaith, international grumpiness society, jack/nadia, jewish-christian dialogue, joe flanigan, john sheppard, john/aeryn, joss whedon, karate, kicking over sandcastles, language, latin, laura cadman, learning new things, libraries, licorice, limes, london, magnolias, mcshep, mia maestro, mojitos, mountains, nadia santos, non-fiction, old-skool bon jovi, photography, politics, pro-choice, procrastination, puns, rampaging idiots society, religion, rollerblading, rome, ronon dex, san francisco, sarcasm, scrabble, sga, simplifying, skiing, sleep, social life, sometimes law, spike/buffy, storytelling, sunshine, sushi, syd/vaughn, tatort, tea, telling jokes, thai food, the secret history, the west wing, theatre, tom stoppard, toni morrison, traveling, truth in advertising, unconventional love stories, uniting in legal angst, vegetables, vienna, vocabulary, watching while surfing, we dorkazoid spuffy shippers, weetabix, wesley wyndam-pryce, will tippin, wine, words, writing
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