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Inside the Particle Storm

The Poison Gene of Humanity

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Name:Coral Gray ☆
She's living in a fantasy world filled with warrior men and women, unspoiled nature, true love, magic and adventure. She doesn't like reality, it's depressing and boring. In other words, she doesn't function too well in the world out there. She can be truly anti-social, if she doesn't feel like wearing her mask or when people drive her to points where the mask comes off. With her mask(s) she mostly comes across as a relatively normal human being, but those few closest to her know that that's not who she really is. She hardly feels understood by others, cause she often has extreme ideas - while she might look quite moderate and rational on the outside. She's quite convinced that an apocalypse is coming, and truly wishes she could live to see our planet survive the doom that humanity brought upon it. She's an Old Soul, lost in time and space; a living paradox, unable to choose sides. She has idea(l)s, dreams and plans, but lacks the ability to act. She's a Post-Modern Romantic and quite consciously so.


Interests (150):

amber chronicles, amon amarth, ancient greece, ancient rome, apocalypse, arthurian legends, asatru, avatar, batman, bon jovi, british humour, cats, celts, chris hemsworth, christian bale, christopher reeve, chronicles of riddick, classic rock, coen brothers, comics, confusianism, country music, coupling, dark angel, dark tranquillity, dave grohl, deadpool, dean winchester, dean/jo, drum n bass, dwayne johnson, ecofascism, epica, europaganism, europe, ewan mcgregor, fantasy, fast and the furious, feminism, finland, finntroll, fire, firefly, folk metal, ford mustangs, forests, gambit, gary oldman, germanic languages, greek mythology, green arrow, guillermo del toro, han solo, harry potter, headbanging, heath ledger, heroes, hildegard von bingen, horror movies, hugh jackman, indiana jones, inspiring quotes, jacob touched me, james t. kirk, jensen ackles, karl urban, katatonia, kitties, kris verwimp, leonard nimoy, long-haired men, lord of the rings, lost, luis royo, mal/inara, mark pellegrino, martial arts, melodic death metal, men in kilts, metallica, monty python, muscle cars, månegarm, nathan fillion, norse mythology, northern lights, obi-wan kenobi, pagan metal, paganism, paperbacks, paradoxes, paul walker, philosophy, photography, post-apocalypse, procrastinating, psychology, quentin tarantino, qui-gon jinn, resident evil, roar, robert rodriguez, robin hood, romanticism, ryan reynolds, sam worthington, sawyer, scandinavia, scar symmetry, sci-fi, scotland, sean bean, sirius black, smallville, soundtracks, spirituality, star trek, star wars, stars, sunsets, supernatural, sweden, swedish, symphonic metal, terminator, the mummy series, the usa, thomas jane, thor, thorgal, til schweiger, tolkien, trance, tribbles, turisas, underworld, unleashed, unspoiled nature, vampire chronicles, viking metal, vikings, warlord nygård, warrior women, watchmen, werewolves, wolverine, wolves, writing, wushu, wyrd
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