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ext_18496: Me at work circa 2007 (pic#38931)'s Journal

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Name:Matt G. Leger
Birthdate:May 26
Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
Website:Matt's LiveJournal blog
A full-blooded Cajun, Your Humble Correspondent was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA in 1963 (he is a Gemini, which may be why he's of two minds about so many things). He has resided in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, the Washington, DC area (both Maryland and Virginia sides), New York, Pennsylvania and currently Georgia. His latest permanent job is as a prepress specialist with a printing company in midtown Atlanta. He has a BFA in Graphic Design from Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge and has worked off and on (thankfully, more on than off...though there has been a long stretch or two) as a graphic designer (print and Web), desktop publisher, prepress specialist and, early on, in the retail and fast-food industries. He has been partnered with Mary Mulholland since 2001 and lives with her cat Ari in Atlanta while she is on long-term assignment in Nairobi, Kenya for the CDC.
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