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Name:Lady Niniane
I'm known in AFR and at faire as Lady Niniane (or just Lady N); when I work in a booth, I'm Mistress Niniane. A lot of people know me as the spouse of brother william, the flower-carving monk.

My faire name is pronounced Nin'-ee-en, for those who are curious. The Lady Niniane is part of the Arthurian legend. Depending upon whose version you read, she is Merlin's apprentice, helper, lover, or nemesis; at least one variant names her as the Lady of the Lake. Her identity is sometimes given as Nimue or Vivienne (Vivian).

I teach music and occasionally other subjects. I've made a couple of trips to Japan on a teacher exchange program and would like to return to Japan in the future. I am a fiddler in a Celtic music band called Queen's Gambit ( I am a computer geek (I used to be a systems programmer in a past life). I enjoy computer games, especially strategy and puzzle games.


For a myriad of reasons, this journal is friends-only. Responding to one of my open posts may or may not get you added to my list. My journal, my rules...
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