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ext_167746: Slice of the City (city)

I talk a big game

But my life is so lame

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Name:The Slice
Birthdate:Mar 3, 1972
Location:Olathe, Kansas, United States of America
Website: Jesse C. Slicer's Completely Free Homepage!
A mini-biography? Who do you think I am, mini-me?

Interests (133):

.net, 80's music, 80s music, abortion rights, aerosmith, angel, army of darkness, back to the future, backrubs, baseball, beethoven, biking, bill of rights, blues, books, brobdingnagian bards, buffalo wings, buffy the vampire slayer, c, c#, c++, chai, chai tea, chasing amy, cheese, christopher guest, classic rock, computer, computers, constitution, cryptography, dark beer, delphi, democracy, democrat, democratic party, digital photography, douglas adams, dresden files, dvds, eddie izzard, family, fark, firefly, first amendment, flirting, food, freedom, friends, futurama, gaming, hand-crafted beer, hard rock, harry dresden, harry potter, heavy metal, home improvement, home videos, homestarrunner, html, internet, ireland, javascript, jim butcher, jolly rogers, jon stewart, joss whedon, kansas city, kansas city renaissance festival, kcrf, kevin smith, languages, led zeppelin, liberal, liberalism, lord of the rings, lounge against the machine, mead, metal, metallica, monty python, mountain biking, movies, music, parenting, pascal, philosophy, photography, politics, polyamory, princess bride, pro-choice, pro-gun, programming, quantum leap, reading, red sox, ren fest, renaissance festival, renaissance festivals, richard cheese, road trips, rock, sci-fi, science, science fiction, second amendment, serenity, simpsons, snark, south park, spaceballs, spinal tap, sql, star trek, star wars, strong bad, summer, swimming, tea, the matrix, the simpsons, ti-99/4a, travel, trivia, turtles, web design, weird al, wil wheaton, wine, writing, wwdn, xml
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