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ext_149995: (RoyEd)

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The only thing that makes sense is moving forward.

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Birthdate:Mar 9, 1984
Location:Texas, United States of America
Welcome! I'm a rather dull person. I focus on my job as a secretary, my husband, daughter and cats, mostly. I haven't had much time for anything else, lately. :P

I'm also addicted to all things Fullmetal Alchemist. (My husband says I'm obsessed, but I don't know... obsession is such a strong word... fanatical might cover it better... :D) Roy/Ed is by far my OTP, but there are LOADS of other pairings that I am addicted to. Too many to list here!! :P Ask if you want more info on that topic.

I am married to a wonderful guy who indulges my obsession horribly... *cough, cough*, I mean... hobby! (Yeah... right). :) I have two cats, one is a Bengal and the other is a Burmese Blue (They are both evil and out to get me, I swear!). I also have a wonderful baby daughter who is also plotting with her father to torment me. True story.

My favorite animes and mangas include (but are not limited to): Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Evangelion, FLCL, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gunslinger Girl, InuYasha, Outlaw Star, Samurai Champloo, Samurai 7, Trigun, Trinity Blood, Witch Hunter Robin, and Wolf's Rain. (There are many more. These are just a few!)

(Quick disclaimer: I am a 25-year-old woman who is interested in many different things - many of which are not suitable for minors. As such, be warned, I curse and put things in my journal and memories that may contain mature content. Feel free to friend me and dig through my journal & memories, just be warned in advance. We clear in advance on that? kthxbai ^__^)
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