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ext_14888: Yummy (Jensen 1)'s Journal

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I am married with three girls. I have several cats one well over 20 lbs. can we say Garfield. I love to read, I read almost anything.

I like to walk in cemetaries and read the gravestones, it's like getting a peak into someone's life. The older the better.

Favorite movies range from Equilibium, Mindhunters, Highwaymen, Soldier, Serenity and the Harry Potter movies, LOTR's and The Mummy and Return of the Mummy, Star Wars all of them although I'm partcial to 4-6.

Favorite Tv shows - Supernatural (duh), Firefly (still pissed about the cancelation) Bones,
Burn Notice, Life, Terminator SCC, Dollhouse is growing on me. Of course I love Leverage and I'm looking forward to the new SGU.

I love football favorite teams include : My home team of course the Carolina Panthers followed by the Washington Redskins and the New England Patriots.

I don't like professional basketball but I like college and my team is NC State. (yea shutup)

I don't really follow baseball although I love to watch the Little League and guys college world championship games.

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