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Name:Endlessly J
Hi there and welcome,

If you are already a member of LJ then you might remember me as digital_jay or know me as endlessly_j For those of you that are just joining or have randomly found my profile page; then let me begin by saying thank you for dropping by and that I hope if you aren't a member of LJ, you might think about joining or if its not your thing then maybe you'll stop by again sometime and check out my journal.

As you'll find out from reading, a lot of things have changed for me and while it is still my nickname; I have a different mentallity that needed a different blog so rather than alter what was a really fun nonsense place, I decided to open this instead. If you have found your way here from Facebook then you'll already know a fair bit about me. However for those that don't I can assure you I am easy going, nice to know bloke. As long as you have no problems with being friends with a sporadic blogger instead of an everyday one then we'll get along fine.

Unlike my old blog that I had made as Friends only, where I had a tell all and show all to my f/list, this one is an open book; however from time to time there maybe a post that can't be seen so don't be offended if sometimes you're not able to see a post, I tend to guage my audience and decide whether it's something for all or just some to see.

One of the biggest changes from the old journal is that I tended to keep much of my beliefs to myself on my old blog, but as I said I have gone through a great deal of change since then. I've decided that one of the things I would like to talk more about is my belief systems. I don't mean every entry just from time to time or when the mood take me. You'll find that my journal tends to reflect my life. It will be a mix from the everyday to the deeper things. As that to me is what a journal should be about.

A Few Simple Rules

You'll find that I do some pretty deep thinking on here, so naturally there are a few things that will happen before any comments or friending will happen:

I would hope that You'd:

- Give credit where credit is due
- Be aware that Comments are screened for abuse and spam.
- Respect my beliefs and my friends
- Support the Rights of Bloggers
- Learn to appreciate my bad humour
- Just be yourself

Thanks for reading :-)
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