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Name:Maybe I'm the plucky comic relief...?
Birthdate:Jul 24
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
I don't live here - Come see me at my active journal:

Interests (150):

007, 80s music, abba, accordians, action figures, airwolf, andy goldsworthy, anthony stewart head, arthur conan doyle, astrology, bagpipes, bees, beethoven, bill bixby, bill maxwell, billy collins, black books, blake's 7, bodie, book collecting, cartography, cats, chicago, chicago cubs, city planning, classic pooh, coconut, corsets, daily show, david tennant, derek de lint, derek rayne, digital scrapbooking, doctor who, douglas adams, doyle, dr demento, edward gorey, edward woodward, eeyore, enigma, equalizer, ethan rayne, fairy tales, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, film scores, folklore, forever knight, fountain pens, frank hardy, genealogy, geraint wyn davies, glass paperweights, greatest american hero, h.g. wells, hardy boys, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, herbology, history, hitchhiker's guide, horst buchholz, hufflepuff, irish lace, irish music, irishfest, jeffrey combs, john barry, john castle, john simm, jon pertwee, joseph campbell, keen eddie, kerr avon, lewis collins, libraries, life on mars, lilacs, london, louisa may alcott, macintosh, macintosh computers, mark ryan, martin shaw, nasir, neville longbottom, nick bantock, oliver sampson, oscar wilde, parker stevenson, patrick mcgoohan, paul stankard, penguins, period costumes, peter falk, photoshop, pogues, poltergeist the legacy, ray winstone, remus lupin, richard long, rik mayall, rl/hg, rl/sb, robert culp, robin of sherwood, robin sachs, scarlet pimpernel, sean bean, sean pertwee, severus snape, sharpe, sherlock holmes, simcity, sir arthur conan doyle, skyscrapers, snow, ss/hg, ss/rl, star wars, strawberries, suzette haden elgin, tamora pierce, tarot, tartan, tea, teacups, thai food, the big valley, the incredible hulk, the onion, the power of myth, the prisoner, the professionals, the sims, timothy dalton, torchwood, urban planning, vincent van gogh, vintage fashion, vr.5, website development, wedge antilles, wicca, will scarlet, william morris, wiscon
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