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ext_13461: Foxes Frolicing (Fox Frolic, Moon)'s Journal

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A farmer's kid, now a member of the urban/e classes. That I'm female and grew up on a small working family farm in the Red River Valley is the formative experience of my character and how I align myself politically, economically and culturally.

The emphasis here is on the word 'work,' and the word 'female.'

Interests (42):

africa, afro-caribbean studies, agriculture, archives, babylon-5, bbc, benin city, betrayal, buffy the vampire slayer, caribbean, climate change, colonialism, courtesy, deceit, east india trading companies, fiction, fourth wave feminism, haitian vodoun, hoodoo, imperialism, india, information science, interstate slave trade, latin american studies, libraries, lucumi, manners, mardi gras indians, midwest, mughal india, new orleans voodoo, new york city, north dakota, photography, public policy, santerĂ­a, slave trade, slavery, storms, treason, urbanity, yoruba
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