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Birthdate:Jul 31
I am the child of the two solitudes, suspended somewhere between the Croix Mont-Royal and the tv antenna overlooking Westmount. I do not play sports. I do not watch reality tv. I believe that Billy Wilder is one of the greatest shitheads of all time, and that the world would be a better place if more people would take themselves less seriously. I believe in humanity, and the unfathomable perfection of un hot dog steamé all dress' avec frites et bière épinette. I wish you all a happy holiday of your choice.

Power to the people.

A note on my current obsessions:

The info below will be occasionally updated as my interests change, but for the moment, here are my current obsessions:

- Fandoms I am currently writing in, reccing and squeeing about: Merlin, SGA, Live Free or Die Hard, and I Spy.

- Fandoms I am likely to never (or very infrequently) write in again: The X-Files, Smallville, The Sentinel, due South, Star Trek, The A-Team, Harry Potter, Starsky & Hutch.

- Other topics I frequently/sometimes post about: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, their whole awesome family, photography, social/queer/feminist/political history, classic film.

- Topics I rarely if ever post about: meta, my writing process, avocadoes.

If you friended me for any of the "rare to never" topics/fandoms because you just stumbled across my Star Trek fic last week, or are looking at this list and thinking, "huh, I'm not into any of the shit she's into now", please do not ever feel I will be offended if you hit defriend. I understand that seasons change, and your boylove may not be mine. :)

A brief note on icons: Any icons that do not say "by ----" in the keywords were made by me. Please do not take any icons without asking first. The ones over here ( are all yours, with credit.

Subscribing Policy: That makes it sound like I have one, but in brief, you never have to ask permission to add me to your reading list.
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