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ext_13034: "Jack of all trades; master of none." (jack)'s Journal

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Deborah, from the Hebrew meaning "bee" or "kick-ass prophetess and judge."

"Awake, awake, Deborah: awake, awake, utter a song ... O my soul, thou hast trodden down strength." -from The Song of Deborah, Judges 5: 12-21.


I am a child of the Wood: I am the path and the walker. I am the girl that stumbles lost and the fiery bird who flickers out of reach of the wanderer. I am a jack of all trades, a master of none, though ofttimes better than a master of one. And among those trades that I am on my way to being an amazing not-master of, I list: writing, teaching, photography, jewelry-crafting, and reviewing.

I was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, which means that I drawl (but only a little) and don't care to live without sweet tea. I am always falling in love with the South, land of deep flaws and deep mystery, and love to revel in its aspects of glory. I write Southern fairy tales and I explore Southern mythology.

I have sojourned to the East, to Tokyo, Japan, where I lived and got Lost in radiant neon and the concrete jungle for two years. I miss umeboshi, an amazing train system, the sakura hanami season, and friends (to limit myself to a very few items from a rather long list).

I have just finished a tenure of teaching English in a private school: a crossroads school, where those who linger on the fringes of various societal statuses come to scramble for purchase. This experience both tested and refined my love for and expectations of teaching, leaving me ready to move on to the next step in my career.

I am currently enrolled in a Masters program in English literature, seeking both to develop a rhetoric for examining Southern mythology and become ever more adept as a mythologist and folklorist.

I am a woman of tattoos, an owner of cats, a bad student of guitar, a committed sister, a black sheep daughter, and the sometimes irritated owner of a body that persists in entertaining PCOS, TMJ dysfunction, and migraines.

Interests (147):

a perfect circle, absolutely fabulous, accents, advanced cell biology, alcohol, amaretto sours, american football, american indians, american mythology, anguisette, anime, annie dillard, anthropology, anti-marriage protection week, art, atlanta, auburn tigers, autumn, babylon 5, bailey's original irish cream, bedclothes, being overly analytical, belly dancing, blue jays, books, british television, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, charles de lint, chicken, chimera fancies, chinese food, christian studies, christianity, clamp, cloves, corsets, costumes, cultural studies, culture, curry, dallas cowboys, doctor who, dragons, eddie izzard, endicott studio, fairy tales, family, fantastic creatures, fantastic monsters, final fantasy, fire, flamenco, folk tales, gaming, gonzo journalism, graduate school, graphic novels, halloween, huntingdon college, immunobiology, indian food, intercultural exchanges, interstitial arts, intimacy, ireland, irish coffee, irish whiskey, jamelle, japan, japanese food, jia lu, jms, joy harjo, judaism, kahlua, languages, leighton, life, lingerie, literature, lord of the rings, louise erdrich, love, mary oliver, meaning, men, mexican food, michael whelan, mockingbirds, mythpunk, neil gaiman, ocean, paganism, painting, pajamas, patricia mckillip, penny arcade, peter beagle, philosophy, poetry, psychic ability, psychology, reading, removing comfort zones, safe sex, self-love, sequential art, sex, shamanism, shapeshifting, skepticism, spirits, starbuck, stars, steampunk, stephanie pui-mun law, stitch, susan seddon boulet, tara k. harper, teaching, terry pratchett, thai food, the endicott studio, the last unicorn, the phoenix, the united kingdom, the venture brothers, toby daye, tolkien, tool, tori amos, ursula vernon, use of color, vampires, victoriana, video games, waterhouse, website design, wolfwalkers, wolves, women, women's rights, writing, yimou zhang, yoshitaka amano
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