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ext_1038: (moon blessings)

All the Colors of the Carys

Some day we'll find it, the Rainbow Connection...

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"useless" knowledge, 42, angels, backrubs, being whole, bells and ribbons, blackberries, blueberries, blustery days, books, cats, chakras, chocolate, chosen family, clean air, cob, composting, cooking, crafting, cuddling, daydreaming, diversity, divination, dpns, dragonflies, dragons, dreaming, eccentricity, edible landscaping, energy work, etymology, fairy lights, fandom, fantasy, farmers markets, felting, fermentation, filk, flannel sheets, flights of fancy, fog, folklore, foraging, forests, forgiveness, fountain pens, frolicking, full moons, gardening, geekiness, genealogy, gentleness, gluten-free, happiness, healthy boundaries, heirloom plants, herbalism, holistic health, honesty, hugging, imagination, inspiration, intuition, joy, kindness, knitting, labyrinths, learning everywhere all the time, lemons, librarything, living deliberately, lovelovelove, mindfulness, mysteries, mythology, napping, natural fibers, needlefelting, noodler's inks, old-fashioned handwriting, openess, organic farms, organic food, organic gardening, pansexuality, passive solar heat, people watching, permaculture, personal growth, pickling, prisms, puns, quiet times, rain, rainbows, raspberries, reading, research, serendipity, serenity, silliness, sleeping, sneaking in five word interests, snuggling in my comfy bed, soapmaking, sparkly things, spiral gardens, spirituality, stevia, strength training, surviving and thriving, sustainable living, synchronicity, tarot cards, tea, terry pratchett, the other side, thunderstorms, trust, unconditional love, vermicomposting, waffle gardens, wandering, waterfalls, whimsy, windchimes, wisdom, wool, wordplay, wwfsmd?, yarn
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