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ext_112554: Picture of a death's-head hawkmoth (Moth)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Jun 5
I'm a married teacher-to-be who is interested in poetry, literature, role-playing and fan creations. I live in Hannover, Germany with my wife and two potted plants. I'm also a dyke, a feminist, a conservationist, and a couch potato.

Interests (146):

aesthetics, agnosticism, anecdata, anglo-saxon poetry, animism, artemis fowl, astronomy, bdsm, being alone but not lonely, bigender, biology, btvs, butch, calligraphy, charles algernon swinburne, children, choirs, christianity, classics, coffee, constance hardbroom, creative writing, crocky-wock, dark matter, depression in children/adolescents, deutsch als zweitsprache, discworld, dorkness rising, drawing, ds9, dykes, elphaba, emelan, english, ethics, evolution, fantasy, feminism, femslash, gender and language, gender studies, genderqueer, glasgow, gregory maguire, hamburg, havelock vetinari, history of britain, human evolution, i claudius, insects, intersectionality, john donne, john rutter, johnny depp, knights of the dinnertable, language teaching, latin, lehrer, leseförderung, lgbt issues, linguistics, literary criticism, looking for group, medieval literature, medieval/early modern music, mesopotamian mythology, michael ende, middle english, middle high german, middle-class, minerva mcgonagall, minerva mcgonagall/severus snape, miss hardbroom, mmorpgs, monogamy, movies, nachhilfe geben, nature, nick hornby, old english, old german, opera, oscar wilde, pangender, pansexuality, paris geller, penmanship, philosophy, photography, poetry, polgara, politics, pre-raphaelites, protozoa, psychology, quantum singularities, queer theory, queers, quills, relationships, religion, rimmon-kenan, role playing, romanticism, russian, sarcasm, science fiction, scotland, scots, second language acquisition, severus snape, severus snape/minerva mcgonagall, sexual orientations, singing, sir osric the chaste, slytherin, snails, space-time, spike, ss/mm, star trek, storytelling, strong female characters, structuralism, studienkreis, studying, t. s. eliot, teaching, terry pratchett, the dark is rising, the universe, the worst witch, theory of everything, time travelling, vikings, virtual worlds, wales, western calligraphy, whiteness, william shakespeare, wind, world of warcraft, writing, ykinmkbykiok, you, ♀♀
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