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ext_107588: (writing desk no raven)

She Sang This Haunting Song

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Location:Sunnyvale, California, United States of America
Pron.: oh'-fee-m&r-ahzh

n. 1. A lost treatise on an unknown subject. 2. An event transpiring in the next county.

Interests (149):

absinthe, ad&d, afternoon tea, alternate history, alternative lifestyles, alton brown, anthropology, antique clothing, art nouveau, baking, ballroom dancing, bdsm, beer, bisexuality, black, black phoenix alchemy lab, blackwork embroidery, board games, bpal, british comedy, btvs, bubble baths, buffy, card games, cats, celtic music, cemeteries, chains, charles fort, cheese, cheesecake, chiles, chillis, chocolate, chocolatier, cigars, cinnamon, clothing, coffee, cooking, corsetry, corsets, costume research, costuming, couture, dancing, dandyism, dark chocolate, decadence, dickens fair, dickens faire, disdain, doctor who, dorothy parker, drag queens, dress up, dressmaking, drinking the kool-aid, edward gorey, embroidery, erotica, fae, fairies, fanfic, fashion history, fezziwigs, firefly, folklore, folktales, fondue, food, food pr0n, french, games, gaming, gaskells, geek love, genderfuck, genderqueer, ghosts, gloves, goth, great big sea, haunted mansion, historic clothing, historic costuming, historical fashion, historical reenactment, history, indian cooking, indian food, irish dance, irish dancing, kitty cats, lewis carroll, libraries, literature, living history, men who wear cufflinks, monty python, movies, mst3k, muppets, music, my cats, mythology, narrative, needlework, neil gaiman, old places, oscar wilde, period costume, pirates, poetry, pr0n, role playing games, roleplaying games, rpgs, sandman, sarcasm, sensuality, sewing, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, singing, snark, steam punk, steampunk, sushi, swing dancing, swing music, t.s. eliot, tailoring, taoism, terry pratchett, textiles, thai food, torchwood, used bookstores, vegetarianism, victorian clothing, vintage clothing, warped humor, wine, wines, wit, writing, zombies
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