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Birthdate:Apr 3
Location:California, United States of America
Born a poor young farm boy in Omaha, Marlon Brando (known as "Bud" to his friends) grew up in a very painful home. His father was cold and distant, his mother often absent, both parents severe alcoholics. After fighting for years to earn their love and approval, and just generally being the problem child at school, Marlon was sent off to military school by his father. But of course, Marlon was a rebel. He wasn't about to take orders from anyone. And after a few years, he was booted out for being bad, but not before he'd pranked all the teachers, beaten a few classmates, and even dismantled the morning bell.

In all those years, there was only one thing he was praised for...acting. After being told he was a natural born actor by the directors of the annual school play, he moved out to New York City with his sisters to study acting and dance. It quickly became apparent that Marlon was not your typical aspiring actor. He had real talent, charisma, and a realism such as no one had ever seen before on the stage. It was not long before he found himself doing roles in off-Broadway plays and stunning audiences every time he appeared onstage.

And then Tennessee Williams cast him as Stanley Kowalski for a new play of his called "A Streetcar Named Desire". From there, everything changed for Marlon. He became a national sensation and a cultural icon, taking the country by storm just as much as the play itself did. Of course, the offers from Hollywood quickly came flooding in, and from the moment Brando first appeared onscreen, neither his life, nor the craft of acting itself would ever be the same again.

Now an ever-rising superstar, Marlon Brando has never recovered from the pain of his childhood and family life, nor has he ever really adjusted to the pressures of success. Flooded by critical acclaim and offers for movie roles, the mere mention of his name creates a national stir. And yet, he wants nothing more than fulfillment and satisfaction with life. As a person, he is bold, fearless, and wild, and his libido knows no bounds. He is also extremely sensitive, emotional, and insecure, and he struggles with every challenge his new life presents him.

Oh well, it's not easy being an international sex symbol and one of the greatest actors of all time.

((Note: Strictly for RP-fiction purposes. No affiliation with the real Marlon Brando or anyone connected with him. Mun & Muse are both well over 18.))
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