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Name:Lady Hails
Location:United States of America
Website:A Storm in My Teacup
I'm 21 year old female. I dropped out of college, because it's a waste of time and money; and I learn more on my own. I enjoy studying languages, reading, writing, painting, drawing, and fanfiction (I'm a Snarry 'shipper). I'm studying to become a medical reimbursement specialist in my spare time. I, also, enjoy cuddling up with my 4 four cats, making my girlfriend blush, getting into trouble with my friends, confusing people with sarcasm and smiles, spending carefully measured time with my family ( a little goes along way), cleaning, cutting and coloring my own hair, a good cup of tea, and pretty much anything British. Also, I'm obsessed with my iPhone and everything Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who & Harry Potter.

My main blog is at:
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