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30 rock, alan moore, amanda palmer, androgyny, angel the series, angel/connor, angel/darla, angel/drusilla, angela carter, angelus, angelus/connor, angelus/darla, angelus/drusilla, asta, aureliuscest, b.p.r.d., badass cinderella, batman, batman the animated series, beauty and the beast, bettie page, bigby wolf, bisexual, books, captain jack harkness, connor, connor angel, connor/drusilla, connorcest, costume drama, crime fiction, darla, darla/connor, darla/drusilla, darla/luke, david bowie, dexter, dexter morgan, doctor who, doctor/romana, doug jones, drag kings, drag queens, dresden dolls, eddie izzard, el laberinto del fauno, fables, fairy tales, fairy tales retold, fanfiction, film noir, fingersmith, frankenstein, futurama, galaxy quest, gary oldman, gaston leroux, gothic novels, greta garbo, guillermo del toro, hellboy, ian mckellen, irene adler, jack harkness/connor reilly, jack harness/aurelians, jane austen, joan jett, john barrowman, julie benz, kate corrigan, kevyn aucoin, kings, laurie r king, liz sherman, marie antoinette, marilyn monroe, martha jones, mary russell, mary tamm, mike mignola, minnie driver, myrna loy, natalie dormer, neil gaiman, nick and nora, nick and nora charles, nick cave, orlando, oscar wilde, oskar/eli, pan's labyrinth, patrick wilson, phantom of the opera, phantom of the paradise, pinstripe, pinstripes, pride and prejudice, regina spektor, romana, ron perlman, rufus wainwright, sarah waters, sherlock holmes, spike/angel, spike/angelus, spike/connor, spike/darla, spike/drusilla, steampunk, the daroga, the dresden dolls, the immortal, the persian, the puppini sisters, the riches, the smiths, the thin man, thin man movies, tipping the velvet, tom waits, torchwood, tori amos, toshiko sato, urban fantasy, victorian era, watchmen, world domination, xkcd, zombies
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