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No, wait, I call it something else!

[personal profile] sabinetzin -- topspace (y'know, for tops)
[personal profile] telesilla -- sometimes I've used "topspace"
[personal profile] cesare -- Headspace is what I call the psychological state of total focus on kink practice. Endorphin rush/euphoria is more of a physical experience for me and I just refer to it as endorphins.
[personal profile] trouble -- a good time.
[personal profile] sassbandit -- endorphin rush
[personal profile] littlemousling -- Endorphin rush, I'd call flying or floating; but D/s suggestibility/passiveness I'd call "being under" or subspace.
[personal profile] ambyr -- "subspace" (the desire to submit) and "floating" (the endorphin rush) are for me almost always mutually exclusive states.
[personal profile] cereus -- Subspace when it's more bottom-y, Domspace when it's more toppy. Many different kinds of heaspace, I make up modifers to describe them.