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I call the endorphin rush or euphoria that some peope sometimes get from kink:

[personal profile] anatsuno -- headspace, floating
[personal profile] bethany_lauren -- subspace
[personal profile] rynia -- headspace, flying, floating
[personal profile] sabinetzin -- subspace, headspace
[personal profile] were_duck -- subspace, headspace
[personal profile] eruthros -- subspace, flying
[personal profile] amadi -- flying
[personal profile] blushingflower -- subspace, headspace, domspace, floating
[personal profile] aria -- subspace, headspace, floating
[personal profile] firecat -- floating
[personal profile] telesilla -- headspace
[personal profile] cesare -- headspace
[personal profile] marina -- subspace, headspace, flying
[personal profile] isagel -- subspace
[personal profile] littlemousling -- flying
[personal profile] bironic -- headspace, flying, floating
[personal profile] saffronhouse -- flying
[personal profile] feanna -- subspace, headspace, domspace, flying
[personal profile] toft -- subspace
[personal profile] ambyr -- floating
[identity profile] rsdprincess.livejournal.com -- headspace, flying
[personal profile] cereus -- subspace, headspace, domspace, floating, diving