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Poll #5702 Peeing
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How often do you need to pee?

28 (5.8%)

I know where the restrooms are in every place I visit regularly, let's just say.
143 (29.5%)

I would say I am well within one standard deviation of normal, in bladder terms.
203 (41.9%)

Oh, you know. Couple times a day, maybe.
105 (21.7%)

I am a sloth.
5 (1.0%)

Have you ever peed in public? (In this case, behind a dumpster or similar counts - we're talking about extra-restroom urination, here.)

Sure! All the time. It's very freeing.
1 (0.2%)

From time to time, but only in, like, remote wooded areas, that kind of thing.
241 (49.8%)

Yes. And I've done it even in built-up areas, where people were around.
58 (12.0%)

Are we talking only about sober behavior?
47 (9.7%)

Once. Or twice. No more.
133 (27.5%)

85 (17.6%)

Let's say you've been in S's situation once. Your policy, going forward?

No big. Sometimes you gotta pee behind a dumpster if you wanna make it in the working world today.
50 (10.4%)

I would do my damnedest to be sure I was never in that situation again, I'll tell you what.
432 (89.6%)

And what would your stance on sharing this story around be?

I definitely wouldn't tell my colleagues. What if it became the topic of an internet poll?
348 (73.3%)

I would totally tell my colleagues. 'S funny!
127 (26.7%)