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If it's a different number than the number of stories you've saved, would you care to estimate how many stories you've read in your fannish lifetime? Round to the nearest order of magnitude, or feel free to just laugh into the text box instead.

[personal profile] isis -- HAHAHA.
[personal profile] darchildre -- ...I cannot possibly answer that question. So very many, OMG.
[personal profile] bossymarmalade -- i cannot even begin to estimate!!
[personal profile] iceinyourmusic -- Mwahahahaah. Now I actually wish I COULD come up with a number, but... no.
[personal profile] theodosia21 -- A million? I have no idea- lots and lots!
[personal profile] zing_och -- ahaha, no idea. I've been here 10 years - it adds up...
[personal profile] torch -- Okay. Ahahaha. :)
[personal profile] silentfire -- brb, LOLing forever
[personal profile] amaresu -- I shall laugh into the text box: Hahahahahahahaha...ha
[personal profile] walkingshadow -- LOLL FOREVER. Hundreds of thousands?
[personal profile] originalpuck -- Lots.
[personal profile] trinity_clare -- OVER 9000!!!!!!! (probably a decent estimate, actually, but I couldn't resist.)
[personal profile] yevgenie -- oh my god, lots. lots and lots and lots.
[personal profile] halfeatenmoon -- HAHA. I can't even estimate. Thousands.
[personal profile] carnadosa -- 20,000
[personal profile] waxjism -- ahahhahaa? hahaha. ha ha ha. hee hee hee... yeah. eleven years.
[personal profile] merryish -- Oh god, I have no idea. A lot.
[personal profile] icepixie -- Between 5,000, and 10,000, maybe? I've been reading it for 15 years, but in fits and spurts.
[personal profile] sage -- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[personal profile] jetamors -- Several thousand?
[personal profile] meinnim -- Probably 10,000 fics
[personal profile] viggorlijah -- Ten years = squibillion
[personal profile] deird1 -- 50,000
[personal profile] hl -- I've truly no idea. I would guess a big number, but ????
[personal profile] alias_sqbr -- 1000? 600?
[personal profile] ruuger -- Mine is an evil laugh - after 10- years and multiple fandoms, the number must be in tens of thousands...
[personal profile] beatrice_otter -- many, many times more than I've saved
[personal profile] quivo -- 1000, maybe?
[personal profile] katekat -- more than 100,000
[personal profile] sally_maria -- Vast quantities
[personal profile] thefrogg -- ROFL Probably in the 50,000-100,000 range
[personal profile] witticaster -- I have no. fucking. idea. I've been reading fic for eleven years or so now? I have no idea how many in that time.
[personal profile] wendelah1 -- 25,000
[personal profile] hibernate -- After more than 12 years in fandom, I wouldn't even TRY to guess!
[personal profile] scheherezhad -- bwahahahaha!
[personal profile] chaneen -- completely impossible to figure out. several hundred thousand, easily, most likely
[personal profile] wintercreek -- At least 2,000 in the past two years, based on Delicious. o_O Probably not more than 10,000 total - I reread a fair amount.
[identity profile] sophia-sol.livejournal.com -- ahaha, I couldn't even estimate, the number is so laughably huge.
[personal profile] pollyrepeat -- A HA HA HA HA
[personal profile] attackfish -- good lord, let's just say a hell of a lot.
[personal profile] wrabbit -- Oh dear.
[personal profile] erinptah -- AHAHAHAHAHA who knows? Thousands. Maybe tens of thousands. I've been reading fic for twelve years, after all.
[personal profile] fred_mouse -- I save about 1 in 3 at present
[personal profile] finch -- I still have fanfics saved on floppy disks. No idea what the count would be.
[personal profile] draconic_voices -- 10,000
[personal profile] sporangia -- 50,000
[personal profile] hermitsoul -- More than 1,000,000
[personal profile] idella -- Probably around ten thousand, so far
[personal profile] calvinahobbes -- 10,000
[personal profile] tai -- 50,000-100,000
[personal profile] tears_of_nienna -- Gazillions. Well, at least a thousand.
[identity profile] koulagirl666.livejournal.com -- 5000
[personal profile] anarchicq -- Not counting my own? Maybe about 150-200
[personal profile] seekergeek -- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
[personal profile] rikkasinappi -- 7,000
[personal profile] lemniciate -- omg
[personal profile] majoline -- You're seriously asking this?
[personal profile] joyeuses -- Too many to count! I've been reading fanfic for eight years straight.
[personal profile] reddwarfer -- Um....all of them? in the pairings I like...
[personal profile] mizubyte -- omg i have NOOOOO idea
[personal profile] paradox_dragon -- Hahahahahaha. Yeah. Some fairly large multiple of a thousand, perhaps?
[personal profile] wychwood -- haha, I have no idea AT ALL. thousands?
[personal profile] ellia -- 200000
[personal profile] cesy -- Haha, an awful lot. Probably more than 100,000.
[personal profile] covarla -- Between 10,000 and 50,000
[personal profile] macey -- 2,000 + ? I save all long-fic and really good short (also, ff.net C2s?)
[personal profile] schneefink -- I´m quite sure over 10,000
[personal profile] darkhavens -- In the beginning, I saved everything I read. Now I save those I might want to read again. Guesstimate >100k
[personal profile] solaciolum -- *sob* So many hours that should have been spent doing homework...
[personal profile] thecitymouse -- thousands, at least
[personal profile] suthnoli -- 5000? Probably more...
[identity profile] frogspace.livejournal.com -- I have no idea
[personal profile] marianas -- ...lots. probably ~50,000
[personal profile] kadnarim -- between 10 and 100 thousand
[personal profile] shadytail -- 5000
[personal profile] blackeyedgirl -- In the 10s of thousands?
[personal profile] kennahijja -- I couldn't possibly guess, really. Lots.
[identity profile] pandersoneel.livejournal.com -- 10,000
[personal profile] lanjelin -- Countless more than I've saved, that's for sure!
[personal profile] livrelibre -- Ahahahaha. . .um, since I started saving late I'd say my total of stories has to be well over 25000
[personal profile] autoclave -- probably around 40,000
[personal profile] lizvogel -- ROTFL!
[personal profile] paxpinnae -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
[personal profile] starwatcher -- Over 4,000
[personal profile] magician113 -- 5-10 thousand
[personal profile] birggitt -- *laughs madly*
[personal profile] mostcrazylady -- 15,000
[personal profile] moerae -- More than 50,000
[personal profile] jesse_the_k -- ha ha ha >7,500
[personal profile] doctor_denmark -- 5000
[personal profile] azephirin -- I've been reading fic since 1996—I couldn't even begin to estimate! :)
[personal profile] genarti -- Ahaha. Not lots by a voracious fic reader's estimation -- I go through cycles of reading very little -- but more than I could estimate. Several hundred?
[personal profile] klangley56 -- I've been reading for almost 40 years so, no, can't possible estimate.
[personal profile] arallara -- 20,000+ ? maybe??