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Who is your favourite artist/composer?

[personal profile] makamu -- cannot answer, too many
[personal profile] matgb -- Trent Reznor
[personal profile] miss_s_b -- Probably Alice Cooper
[personal profile] wildeabandon -- Bach
[personal profile] angelofthenorth -- Morten lauridsen
[personal profile] sfred -- Pet Shop Boys.
[personal profile] nostalgia -- stiff little fingers
[personal profile] theandrewhickey -- The Beach Boys
[personal profile] tree_and_leaf -- Tallis. Bach. Cohen. Springsteen. I'm bad at picking favourites.
[personal profile] nanila -- Bjork
[personal profile] azurelunatic -- R.E.M., They Might Be Giants, or Blondie.
[personal profile] lady_lugosi1313 -- too many to choose from but Piaf,Laibach,Al Bowlly, James Bernard, Brix Smith are up there
[identity profile] scarier.wordpress.com -- Can't choose.
[personal profile] hilarita -- Mozart, Queen
[personal profile] rosefox -- This is a nonsense question
[personal profile] norfolkian -- Queen
[personal profile] moon_hot_97 -- Voice of the Beehive