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What's your favourite genre of music?

[personal profile] makamu -- synphonic metal; classic rock
[personal profile] matgb -- Punk influenced rock
[personal profile] miss_s_b -- Anything with heavy drums and loud guitars
[personal profile] wildeabandon -- Folk or Steampunk or Classical or Showtunes
[personal profile] angelofthenorth -- Welsh rock
[personal profile] sfred -- I can't answer this! I guess my 'home' genre is either indie or folk but I like loads.
[personal profile] nostalgia -- it varies
[personal profile] theandrewhickey -- One that has no names outside my head but is the bit of the Venn diagram of baroque pop, folk rock, and modern jazz where there's at least some overlap between two genres
[personal profile] tree_and_leaf -- Ugh, I hate picking. It's either polyphony, classical, or folk. Or rock. I dunno.
[personal profile] nanila -- Industrial
[personal profile] azurelunatic -- Dance. Particularly with an electronic element.
[personal profile] lady_lugosi1313 -- something that makes me smile
[identity profile] scarier.wordpress.com -- Jazzy Electronica
[personal profile] hilarita -- Classical, Rock
[personal profile] rosefox -- Weird shit by virtuoso performers
[personal profile] norfolkian -- Classic rock
[personal profile] moon_hot_97 -- Female-vocal guitar pop