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How's your week going?

[personal profile] redbird -- Better since I got the replacement for my damaged phone working
[personal profile] lexin -- On the whole, OK, except for the computer failure of massiveness
[personal profile] ceb -- pretty good
[personal profile] danea -- improving!
[personal profile] jsburbidge -- My boss was reorganized out of the bank today.
[personal profile] dewline -- Unsteadily
[personal profile] alatefeline -- blargle
[personal profile] st_aurafina -- Not too bad, all things considered. I saw a lizard in the greenhouse! (This is not a metaphor.)
[personal profile] indywind -- chop wood, tread water
[personal profile] random -- Not ded yet.
[personal profile] nolivingman -- I can't even with this week.
[personal profile] teigh_corvus -- It's full of ugh and sad. I want a RL hug, and don't know when I can get one.
[personal profile] sharpiefan -- Um! Kinda good, I think?
[personal profile] matgb -- Snottily
[personal profile] amazon_syren -- I am so freaking tired. There's been lots of social, which is great, and paid work, too. But so tired.
[personal profile] jesse_the_k -- stressed