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113 matches, showing 71 results:

  • [community profile] bakerstreet - a meme comm
       Community Description: A community to post roleplay memes
       (Updated 10 hours ago )
  • [community profile] thefridayfive - The Friday Five on Dreamwidth
       (Updated 1 day ago )
  • [community profile] kinkmemepromo - DW Kink Meme Promos
       Community Description: DW Kink Meme Promos
       (Updated 1 week ago )
  • [personal profile] quentinquire - ♥ puta queen ♥
       Journal Title: кι∂ σмєgα
       (Updated 1 week ago )
  • [community profile] frostiron_prompts - Frostiron Prompts Archive
       Community Description: A prompt archive for the Loki/Tony Stark (Frostiron) ship from the MCU
       (Updated 11 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] steven_universe_universe - Steven Universe Daily
       Community Description: Steven Universe Fan Discussion
       (Updated 12 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] startrek_add_me - Star Trek Add Me
       Community Description: Star Trek Fandom Friending Comm
       (Updated 16 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] vixxmas - vixxmas fic party
       Community Description: December fic fest
       (Updated 16 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] yuletide_coal - Yuletide Coal - I got coal
       (Updated 17 weeks ago )
  • [personal profile] sgkinkmod - sgkinkmod
       (Updated 44 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] suture_wounds - A Mutual Respect Between Professionals (OPEN)
       Community Description: A Community dedicated to Jill/Alice of 'Resident Evil'
       (Updated 54 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] pop_fanfiction - Prince of Persia Fanfiction (OPEN)
       Community Description: A Fanfiction community for Prince of Persia Fans
       (Updated 54 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] new_surrender - Chris & Alice (OPEN)
       Community Description: A community for Alice/Chris Redfield shippers
       (Updated 54 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] forgottensands - ( Kakolukiyam ) The Prince § Farah (OPEN)
       Community Description: A Shipper community for Prince/Farah (Prince of Persia) fans
       (Updated 54 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] dinkley_rogers - Velma Dinkley & Shaggy Rogers (OPEN)
       Community Description: A community dedicated to the relationship between Shaggy and Velma (Scooby Doo)
       (Updated 54 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] broken_soldiers - Broken Soldiers - (OPEN)
       Community Description: A community dedicated to Rain/Alice of 'Resident Evil'
       (Updated 54 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] aliceandmatt - ( The End of Heartache ) - (OPEN)
       Community Description: the forgotten ship: Alice & Matt Addison of 'Resident Evil (2002)'
       (Updated 54 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] prince_of_persia - The only Prince of Persia community on DW (OPEN)
       Community Description: The first community ever dedicated to Jordan Merchner's "Prince of Persia" series
       (Updated 58 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] the_tenth_power - Guardians of Space (PRIS & PRLG) (OPEN)
       Community Description: A community dedicated to Saban's Power Rangers In Space and Lost Galaxy
       (Updated 59 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] aveline_creed - Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation (CLOSED)
       Community Description: A community dedicated to Aveline De Grandpre and Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation
       (Updated 59 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] sisters_farron - Serah » Lightning Farron (CLOSED)
       Community Description: A community dedicated to the sisters of 'Final Fantasy XIII'
       (Updated 59 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] sazhfans - KING OF HEART (CLOSED)
       Community Description: A character community dedicated to Sazh Katzroy of 'Final Fantasy XIII'
       (Updated 59 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] rihanna_fan - Rihanna Fan Community (CLOSED)
       Community Description: A community dedicated to pop singer Rihanna Fenty
       (Updated 59 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] crystal_farron - Serah Farron Fans (CLOSED)
       Community Description: A community dedicated to Serah Farron of 'Final Fantasy XIII'
       (Updated 59 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] ajin_kinkmeme - Ajin Kink Meme
       Journal Title: Ajin Kink Meme
       (Updated 74 weeks ago )
  • [personal profile] ajin_kmod - ajin_kmod
       (Updated 74 weeks ago )
  • [personal profile] backbackbackitup - backbackbackitup
       Journal Title: oh death
       (Updated 98 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] stargate_movie - A Million Light Years from Home... (CLOSED)
       Community Description: A community dedicated to the 1994 film, Stargate
       (Updated 100 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] vassilieva_fans - Sofia Vassilieva Fans (CLOSED)
       Community Description: A community dedicated to actress Sofia Vassilieva
       (Updated 111 weeks ago )
  • [community profile] sam_mikaela - Sam & Mikaela Fans (CLOSED)
       Journal Title: ( Hold On ) Sam & Mikaela Shippers
       (Updated 112 weeks ago )