If you're coming from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth: Navigation Strip

It looks about the same as the one you're used to on LiveJournal, but we've made a number of changes to it. It always provides hotlinks for "Home" "Post" "Reading Page" and "Inbox" — the other hotlinks it displays at the top center of the strip will change depending on what page of the site you are viewing. At the top right of the strip there is a box into which you can type a search term, a pulldown menu that allows you to choose "Interest", "Region", "Site & User", "FAQ", "Email", or "IM Info" as your search area. Beside the pulldown menu there's a button marked "Go".

Under the search box is a series of options for reloading the page you're viewing in an alternate style. The exact number of options varies, depending on what page you're viewing.

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