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ext_95606: (Laugh/Cry)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Jun 28, 1985
Location:Texas, United States of America
I'm always busy with school or some crazy mood I've gotten into
so I don't update this thing as often as I did. While I'm not
quite as emo as I was in high school, I do have my down days.

I read a lot of fanfic, mainly HP, LOTR, some RPS, BBM & Twilight, but also SG-1, SGA, and
other random fandoms from time to time. Music is always on
somewhere (even if it is only Little Einsteins when I'm up
super early, lol), no matter what type, I'm always on the
lookout for something new.

I sometimes rant about feeling awful due mainly to the fact that
I suffer from severe ezcema and have some other health problems -
such as depression and fatigue. Being a scatterbrain, I have a
hard time getting my work for uni done and I have no idea why I'm
going back for a second bachelor's! Crazy.

Interests (150):

accents, alice in wonderland, anime, art, bisexuality, bl, black and white pictures, bleach, books, boys, boysex, brokeback mountain, chelsea fc, cherry trees, chick lit, chopsticks, cloudy days, coffee, collarbones, comfortable silences, cooking, death, dewdrops, documentaries, draco malfoy, drawing, dreams, eating books, emotions, ennis del mar, erotica, fanfiction, fantasy, fetish, football, freedom of speech, full metal alchemist, genuine smiles, germany, glasses, gutter minds, halloween, hardcore, harry potter, harry/draco, havemercy, history, horror, j.w. waterhouse, jack twist, japan, johnny depp, june, keira knightley, kink, letters, libraries, lightning, long fingers, lord of the rings, loveless, marquis de sade, melancholy moments, men with glasses, minagawa junko, moonlight, movies, music, nature, nerds, new zealand, notes, old buildings, old pictures, ophelia, orlando bloom, petite morte, photography, pin up girls, porn, potc, pounamu, psych slash, psychology, rain, rainn, raving, red lipstick, remus lupin, ribbons, robert pattinson, romance, romantic suspense thrillers, sadness, sakura, sand, scars, scifi, scones, secrets, self injury, sex, shiny things, shoes, silence, singing, sirius black, slash, snail mail, snapshots, socks, stars, stickers, storms, sundrop, sunsets, sushi, sweet tea, tears, teen literature, the beach, the letter "k", the moon, the night, the ocean, the smell of books, theirloveissobeingredefined, thinking, thoughts, thrift stores, thunderstorms, trance, troy, twilight, utada hikaru, vacations, value village, vampires, viggo mortensen, walking barefoot, war movies, waterfalls, werewolves, whispers, words, writing, yaoi, young adult literature, yuri,
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