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ext_92926: (angry logic)

i didn't realise that you wrote poetry

i didn't realise you wrote such bloody awful poetry

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Birthdate:Jun 22
How do you fill your day? How does anyone fill their day? I think the truth is you fill your day most of the time by being in the washing machine of your own mind, thinking, "What's this? When does it stop? Am I enjoying it? I don't know. Oh, it's time to go to sleep! I can't, I'm worried."

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a thom/flea/stipey danceoff, all bags £4, ambiguous sexuality, andrew bird, ashes to ashes, baby sloths, banksy, big cups of tea, bill bailey, black books, blankets, brass eye, breaking important things, cephalopods, charlie brooker, cosmopolitans, cups of tea, david mitchell, david tennant, david tennant's oral fixation, devil!nick cave, doctor who, dylan moran, eddie izzard, ginger cake, guilty unreasonable crushes, gutter-bound thoughts, hatstands, house md, huge cups of tea, i never, intrigue, itunes on shuffle, john simm, jonny/tardis, katamari, kittens, life on mars, mary janes, mishter shlinky, mitchell & webb, moderat, modeselektor, non stop jonny greenwood, not ryanair, not taking anything seriously, of montreal, pandas, primark, pringles, r.e.m., radiohead, rosé wine, sascha ring, screenwipe, self-analysing, sex, sonic screwdrivers, stanley donwood, stupid sexy greenwoods, superflat, the day today, the decemberists, the it crowd, the word "plethora", thom yorke dancing about, tim minchin, tumblr, vector art, vodka lemon and lime, weighted companion cubes, wellingtons, your face, your mum, zero punctuation
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