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Name:Kath Ballantyne
Birthdate:Jun 13, 1981
Location:Newcastle, Australia
Website:My Deviant Art account
I am me. Lesbian, Artist, Photographer, Sick, Fibro sufferer, Comedy lover, Avid Reader, Novocastrian, Friend, Sister, Daughter.

I live in Newcastle Australia with my girlfriend iamshadow and our pets.

I'm well over legal age to do anything really.

If you've found me recently it's probably through the Harry Potter Fandom. I adore fan art of all styles and draw it myself, I read many many stories and I occasionally write too.

Feel free to friend me if you want to keep up to date with my art. Though I'm now filtering my fandom posts and my Real Life stuff so that people that just want to see my art don't have to wade through all my bitching about every day things. I'm happy to add you to those filters if you want just leave me a message Here telling me which you want to be on.

If you want to make icons from my art then go ahead, just credit me. Same goes for my Harry Potter icons.

If you want to use my art for anything else then please ask. Send me a message or an email. I'm on every day so I'll get back to you quickly.
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