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ext_9136: (Wanderer)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Jan 5
I'm an open-mind woman who loves slash, music and books. What else would you need to know?

Interests (150):

anime, anti-racism, arthur conan doyle, batman, beatles, beethoven, blair/jim, blake's 7, blues, bodie/doyle, bonekickers, bones, books, brokeback mountain, bruce wayne, buffyverse, carnivale, civil rights, classic cinema, comics, criminal minds, cultural studies, danny/brett, david hewlett, dead zone, derek de lint, derek rayne, dexter, doctor who, dorian, dorian/klaus, douglas adams, doyle, dresden files, due south, duncan/methos, eddie izzard, entourage, equal rights, eroica, erotica, ethan rayne, eureka, fan fiction, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, fiction, firefly, folklore, forever knight, fraser/ray, from eroica with love, garcia márquez, gender, h.g. wells, highlander, homoeroticism, horses, house md, house/wilson, identity, j2, jack o'neill, jack/ennis, jared/jensen, jeffrey dean morgan, jeremiah, jethro/ducky, jim/artie, john winchester, kirk/spock, led zeppelin, lewis collins, life on mars, literature, lord of the rings, major klaus, man from uncle, manga, martin shaw, math, mcshep, merlin, merlin/arthur, methos, miracles, mulder/skinner, music, mythology, napoleon/illya, ncis, neil gaiman, oscar wilde, otw, oz, paganism, patrick mcgoohan, peter wingfield, pink floyd, poltergeist the legacy, popular culture, primeval, queer theory, queerness, r.e.m., race, ranma, regenesis, robert culp, sam/gene, sandman, sapphire and steel, science fiction, sentinel, sg-1, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, sherlock/watson, sir arthur conan doyle, slash, smallville, sonny/vinnie, star trek, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, starsky & hutch, starsky/hutch, subtext, supernatural, television, terry pratchett, thai food, the big valley, the doors, the persuaders, the prisoner, the professionals, the sims, torchwood, twin peaks, vincent van gogh, vr.5, wicca, wild wild west, wiseguy, witchblade, x-files
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