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Birthdate:Sep 27
Well, I have entered Dreamwidth-Land and am happy to be here. My Dreamwidth name, BradyGirl, is in honor of a special obsession of mine, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. :) I have been a Patriots' fan since forever and am savoring every minute of the past eight seasons since Brady took the helm.

My other obsession happens to be fandom, and I've enjoyed quite a few of them as listed in my Interests. I am currently immersed in on-line comics fandom, mainly DC, and have even gotten back to writing fanfic again after a long hiatus and a near-gafiation! Gasp! So I am happy to be enjoying all the wonderful comics slash fic out there, because did I mention I am a slash fan? :) I grew up reading comics and loving the characters, but was very disappointed with DC's Modern Era and the dissolving of a universe I knew and loved. They not only killed beloved characters off, but they said they never existed! Sorry, that was pretty hurtful for a lifelong fan, so I left in the mid-'80s but now I have returned.

I prefer Golden/Silver/Bronze Age eras because of the optimism of the storytelling, but recognize the silliness, too. :) While I am aware of the Modern Era storylines, I usually write in the characterizations of the past ages and place them in a contemporary setting unless I specifically set the story in a past Age. My favorite pairings are Clark/Bruce, Bruce/Dick, Clark/Dick, Clex, and Steve/Diana (Wonder Woman and her classic Pretty Pilot). I also dabble in other pairings as you will see in the Links List.

My writing style is as eclectic as my reading preferences: I enjoy writing fluff, humor, angst, drama, hurt/comfort, romance, and many other genres. I'll write deathfics if the mood strikes me. I write drabbles, short stories, novellas, and mega-epics! :) I love to create AUs and I like to wear the crown as Queen of the Evil Twist Ending on occasion. ;)

I created and moderate <lj user="wonderwomanlove"> for all things Diana! Come check us out! :)

I'm trying to keep my Friends List manageable, so please don't be offended if I don't friend you back. I like to keep up with my f-list the best I can. I'm trying to cut down on stress, and constantly being behind on my f-list is STRESS!! ;)

So, welcome to my Dreamwidth page and I hope you'll find something to your liking here. :)
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