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ext_9031: (Vintage - Charlotte)

A More Permanent Hell

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Website:Tales From the Darkwood
I've been writing fic for close to fifteen years now, the majority of it in the Forever Knight and Highlander universes. Most of my stories take place in the Bloodties series, an AU that encompasses Forever Knight, Highlander, and in stories set in the future, using the Star Trek universe as a backdrop. I also write a little Holby City, along with some Grey's Anatomy, crossed with Highlander, of course! Yes, I'm odd. But Methos needed a place to be a surgeon! So it made sense at the time. Actually, you'll find most of my fiction is Methos-centric. My newest fic forays are Queen of Swords, Iron Man, and Magnificent Seven.

I'm a long time SF & F fan, both books and media, though SF book fandom was my first foray into fandom and conventions. My first fannish obsession was the Lord of the Rings. I was so besotted with Tolkien when I was sixteen that I wrote LotR Haiku. Seriously! I've had many obsessions since: Blake's 7, Dr. Who, Forever Knight, Highlander, Firefly, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, Magnificent Seven.

Interests (143):

24, absinthe, adam dalgliesh, addison montgomery, age of sail, alta california, alternate universes, anglican, archaeology, army wives, arthurian legend, arthuriana, asian art, autumn, barney/robin, being human, big band, blake's 7, bones, bora-bora, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, california history, captain jack sparrow, celtic music, cheese, christy, chuck, cj cherryh, classic doctor who, colonial america, connie dover, cooking, cowboy junkies, crossover, dan clifford, dangerous beauty, doctor who, dragons, drinking tea, dvds, elizabeth tudor, ezra standish, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, firefly, food, forever knight, forever knight/highlander, ghost hunters, glenn miller, grey's anatomy, harry potter, het, het fic, highlander, himym, history, house m.d., hugh laurie, iron man, isabella bird, ithildin, j.r.r. tolkien, jack sparrow, james norrington, japan, johnny depp, kate walsh, ken watanabe, lacroix, laura ingalls wilder, linguistics, literature, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, magnificent seven, magnificent seven/highlander, methos, music, mythology, oregon trail, orkney, patrick o'brian, pepper potts, peter wingfield, pioneer women, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, private practice, pugs, queen of swords, recipes, red wine, royo, sake, sandbaggers, sano ichiro, sci-fi, science fiction, science fiction conventions, science fiction fandom, scotland, scottish country dance, scottish dance, scottish music, sephora, sf, sf cons, sharpe, silly wizard, skara brae, slings and arrows, snape, spanish california, star trek, star trek: tng, star wars, stargate, supernatural, tall ships, tea, tequila, tolkien, tony stark, tony/pepper, tudor england, ugly betty, valentine pelka, vampires, veronica franco, vintage, web design, wine, witch of blackbird pond, wolves, writing, ww2, wwii, xover
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