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ext_87679: (jaguar-blueeyes)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Jul 15
Location:United States of America
I'm a twenty-something avionics technician and engineering student.

Interests (115):

a&p mechanic, aeronautical engineering, airplane design, alternative software, animal people, artificial intelligence, avionics, babylon 5, barefoot, bicycles, biking, biology, botany, burt rutan, celestial navigation, charles de lint, chemistry, classic lit, composites, computer engineering, conservation, constitutional law, cross-country flying, debate about ideas, decreasing worldsuck, devildogs, distance hiking, education history, electrician, electrician apprentice, energy efficiency, engineering, environmentalism, experimental aircraft association, facts, fanfic, firefly, flying, free software, free-running, general aviation, greek, greek myths, hiking, history, home education, homebuilder, honesty, house md, intelligence, iraq, jaguar, latin, law, libertarian, linux, literature, lycanthropy, marine corps, mechanical engineering, military history, mojave, myths, naturalist, neil gaiman, norse myths, open source, orbital mechanics, oregon trail, orville wright, otto lilienthal, pacific crest trail, parkour, patty wagstaff, pern fic, philosophy, physics, pioneers, politics, private pilot, private space travel, pt, recycling, respectful debate, robotics, running, sam carter, sapiosexuality, scaled composites, science, science fiction, science history, sf, shapeshifting, shifting, smith miniplane, software engineering, space exploration, spacecraft, spaceshipone, spooks, stargate, stargate:sg1, terry pratchett, theories, theorizing, uavs, ubuntu linux, unmanned aerial vehicles, unschooling, us marines, usmc, wandering, war, wilbur wright
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