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ext_8630: guh, ink + skin = ded (brainbroked)

Piss in a bucket

Shit in a pineapple can

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Birthdate:Aug 31
Location:Georgia, United States of America

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80's music, 98 degrees, a cappella, acceptance, adobe photoshop, aj mclean, alternative music, angst, anti-censorship, babies, backstreet boys, bats, beetlejuice, being held, being loved, bones, boys kissing boys, cake, calligraphy, camping, card games, chris kirkpatrick, christian kane, christian music, christianity, common sense, compliments, computers, computing, conversation, corrupting your innocent mind, crafts, creative writing, creativity, culture, danny wood, debian, dirty jokes, disability rights, disney, donnie wahlberg, drawing, dreamwidth, drew lachey, due south, environment, equality, erotica, eyes, family, fan fiction, fandom, fanfiction, fic, fiction, firefox, florida, friends, friendship, gay rights, geeking, giving hugs, glbt rights, google, graphic design, graphics, hair, helping people, homosexuality, house, house md, hugs, humor, humour, hurt/comfort, icon making, icons, individuality, inspiration, invisible disability, italian food, j2, java, jeff timmons, joey fatone, john sheppard, johnny cash, jon knight, kindness, kink, kissing, kittens, lance bass, linux, livejournal, making love, men in kilts, mercedes lackey, movies, mp3s, music, my husband, ncis, networking, new kids on the block, nick carter, non-sexual intimacy, novels, nsync, peace, people watching, perving it up, pizza, poetry, popslash, porn, pro-choice, random acts of kindness, reading, redheads, rick springfield, rodney mckay, romance, rps, sensuality, sex, sexuality, sga, shrek, slash, snark, snuggling, songvids, spooning, stargate atlantis, stargate: atlantis, stephen king, strength, sunsets, tattoos, the sentinel, ubuntu linux, web design, wind in my hair, wolverine, wolves, words, writing, x-men,
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