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ext_85380: book love (library)'s Journal

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Name:Bridgette Taylor
Birthdate:Jul 7

Interests (150):

19th century, 777, absurdism, agorism, alchemy, altering reality, anaïs nin, andrew blake, anthropodermic bibliopegy, antique books, astral projection, being underwater, bindrunes, bisexuality, black and white photography, body modification, body piercing, books, breathing, chandi, clawfoot bathtubs, coffeemancy, coil, comfortable silences, computers, contortionists, corsetry, counter-economics, damsels-in-distress, dead languages, decadence, deciphering clouds, divination, dolls, dreaming, ecchi suru, emotional explosions, emotional landscapes, energy, erotic literature, escapism, evolving, existentialism, exobiology, fairytales, firedancing, folklore, freethought, genetic manipulation, h+, hallucinations, hentai, idealism, imperfections, incoherent thoughts, invisible friends, kathesal, kessinger publishing, kirlian photography, kundalini, kung-fu movies, legend tripping, lightning, lovecraft, lucid dreaming, lunar and solar eclipses, machines, magick, meditation, mehndi, mesmerism, microphotography, mind expansion, mind-altering substances, mono no aware, my chakras, mythical creatures, mythology, naturism, noize, numbers, occult philosophy, occulture, om mani padme hum, omnism, omnitheism, oneironauts, oneirophrenia, out-of-state museums, overanalyzing, painting under the influence, people watching, phallic demon tentacles, photographic memory, photos, physical electricity, postapocalyptic fashion, pre-raphaelite art, pyrotechnics, raw foods, religions, retro-futurism, rituals, roaring 20's, runes, science fiction, sea creatures, secret smiles, self-awareness, sensuality, sexual innuendo, silent films, singing, skin patterns, sleeping, snakes, spirits, spirituality, steamfetish, steampunk, sushi, symbolism, synesthesia, tantra, tattoos, the elements, the mudras, the ocean at night, the spiral force, theology, thinking opulently, thorstein mansion-might, tight-lacing, toy camera photography, transhumanism, truth, unconscious cognition, uncooking, urban exploration, video games, water, words, world transhumanist association, world-weary, z?, π, ۞, , ,
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