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Name:alphagirl, ltd.
I've had my LJ for eeeeeeeeeeeons, so I'm not really moving over here, per se...I'm tracking some of the same communities and people as I do over there, but for now I have not fully decided what I am going to do with this account.

Besides read the slashies, o'course :D

Interests (150):

1310 the ticket, 80s music, accents, adam's farm, american chopper, american idol, angel puppet, animal planet, anne mccaffrey, apple snails, aquariums, ardeth bey, baby animals, bagpipe music, beastmaster the series, birds, boots, botany, brian regan, brilliance, buffy the vampire slayer, cajun food, cajun music, carnival rides, cats, christian kane, chuy's, colin firth, compulsive organizing, cowboy mouth, crossing jordan, csi miami, dancing, david tennant, deathray davies, deep blue something, don and mike, doug kershaw, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dr. spencer reid, elrond, elves, eomer, erestor, fan fiction, fetish clothing, flowering plants, flyboys, forensics, frank iero, fred leblanc, gerard butler, gerard way, glam metal, glassware, grand street cryers, great big sea, gulf of mexico, haldir, harry potter movies, heavy metal, history, iharthdarth, ineradicable stain, jason behr, karl urban, kevin meaney, kevin spacey, kneesocks, kxul, lakes, legend of the seeker, leverage, lindsey mcdonald, live comedy, lkh's asher, long hair, looking at pretty boys, lord of the rings, louisiana, meaningful lyrics, mich show, mikael the mime, monster house, neopets, nfl, obscure bands, ocean, older men, opie and anthony, patd fic, patrick stump, paul sanchez, pern, peter straub,, photography, pirates of the caribbean, profundity, pushmonkey, quizzes, rain, rambling sailors, raymond feist, real person fic, red jacket, renaissance faires, richard jeni, ridonkulous, road trips, rob savoy, robert don hughes, rocks, roller coasters, roswell, russ martin, ryan ross, sarcasm, scott summers, scrapbooks, sea shanties, seafood, severus snape, ship island, slashfic, snakes, solitude, songfic, spencer smith, stephen king, stephen lynch, storms, supersmart cookies, synthetic hair, sytycd, tattoos, the airborne toxic event, the corsairs, the posies, the rogues, tolkien, trent reznor, unusual beauty, urban history, vocal harmony, water, witty repartee, writing, x files, x men
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