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Name:SJ Kasabi
Hmmn. Still thinking.

Interests (150):

1930s, abba, age of sail, alan bennett, alan garner, angela brazil, arbeau, arthur ransome, aunty jack, australian medievalism, banana paddlepops, battlestar galactica, being good, being pointlessly overeducated, benjamin britten, bitter ex-medievalists, blackadder, blake's 7, bonzo dog band, books, buffy, building a medieval kitchen, bushwalking, captain marryat, caroso, chalet school, chanson de geste, children's literature, choirs, cooking, cooking over open fires, crossposting to lj, crusader cyprus, cult tv, curds and whey, damned colonials, derek and clive, diana wynne jones, doctor who, dorita f bruce, dorothy sayers, due south, e nesbit, early music, early opera, emma kirkby, english country dancing, ethel turner, fandom, fanfiction, feminism, fictional hornblower scholars, firefly, fred astaire, geeks, georgette heyer, goat's cheese, gwyneth jones, hemp rope, home-made wood-fired pizza ovens, hornblower, house, hugh laurie, iain banks, jane austen, jane shaw, jeeves and wooster, john dowland, john of ibelin, john of joinville, john stuart mill, lillian m pyke, linen, lois mcmaster bujold, lots of other stuff, louis ix, lucy boston, m*a*s*h, medieval history, medieval latin, medieval tiled floors, medievalism, mtc, negri, new order, old french, part singing, patrick o'brian, pete and dud, peter cook, peter dickinson, pg wodehouse, philip of novara, phryne fisher, plain handsewing, playing recorder music, porridge, prose romance, purcell, queen, random enthusiasms, renaissance dancing, riding my bike, rosemary sutcliff, rowany festival, ruffs, ruskin, science fiction, scrabble, sherlock holmes, silly hats, singing partsongs, sixteenth century, skyhooks, sleeping in, slow food, spaceships, stargate atlantis, statistics, steeleye span, stephen fry, suet, tally sticks, terry pratchett, the clash, the coen brothers, the dandy warhols, the douce apocalypse, the equalizer, the goodies, the goon show, the latin east, the muppets, the pierpont-morgan crusader bible, the pretenders, the sca, the tomorrow people, the young ones, they might be giants, thirteenth century, three-legged pots, tism, tripod, trouvere lyrics, twitch city, unreliable narrators, vegemite, wattle and daub, working out this dreamwidth thing, youse all
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