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ext_6953: (SomeOfMyBestJewsAreGay)'s Journal

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Hello there :o)

I'm a British Comedy slasher. If you like that kind of thing, why not say hello?

(If you are currently worried that I am engaged in a UK-based murder spree, knifing my victims in a slapstick fashion, you may not have understood. Probably best not to say hello...)

Interests (136):

15 storeys high, 8/10 cats, aa gill, abandoned buildings, adam and joe, amnesty international, aristophanes, armando iannucci, armstrong and miller, auf wiedersehn pet, bad girls, big train, bill bailey, blixa bargeld, bo selecta, buddy cole, caffeine, cake, catterick, charles dickens, cicero, clever people, comedy, dance, derren brown, dogme95, driving, eddie izzard, emo phillips, eric stoltz, eugene ionesco, fiction, frank skinner, frankie boyle, from eroica with love, fry and laurie, garth marenghi's darkplace, genuine niceness, gina yashere, gorgeous ladies, greenwing, haribo, history, human remains, ian cognito, jackass, jacques tati, jam, james bond, jimmy carr, john otway, jon richardson, keith allen, kevin eldon, kids in the hall, lars von trier, leigh francis, live comedy, london's burning, look around you, marc bloch, marcus brigstocke, media, milton jones, mission impossible, mitchell and webb, mock the week, modern toss, moving wallpaper, music, nathan barley, nick cave, nicotine, nighty night, oz, panel shows, penn and teller, peter richardson, peter serafinowicz, phantasm, phil cornwell, philosophy, pistachios, primeval, punt and dennis, quantum leap, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, rain, reading, red dwarf, reeves and mortimer, regeneration, riget, rob brydon, rory motion, russell brand, satire, scarves, scott thompson, sean lock, slapstick, slash, snuff box, spitting image, star trek enterprise, star trek voyager, steve coogan, steven regal, steven wright, strictly come dancing, talking, television, the bill, the brittas empire, the chaser, the comic strip, the enlightenment, the it crowd, the kingdom, the man from uncle, the marx brothers, the mary whitehouse experience, the mighty boosh, the museum of everything, the now show, the sopranos, the three stooges, they might be giants, tim roth, top gear, torchwood, we are history, wildboyz, wliia?, writing
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