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ext_6886: I made this! (Dizzy Duck)

Ducks - It all rolls off.

Don't Panic.

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Name:Ducks the Antijoss
Birthdate:Apr 27, 1970
Location:Peru, United States of America
Website:Ducks' Fanfic
I am a giant geek spinster writer from up, up, UPstate New York. I enjoy cats, cheese, yoga, vampires, Dave Matthews Band and long walks on the... forest floor? I am a certified TV junkie and olympic class procrastinator.

Fandoms include: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Supernatural, True Blood, Kings, Dollhouse. I have dabbled in PotC, LotR, HP, and... whatever keeps my interest for more than five minutes. I read constantly (you can see my reading habits at I have occasionally been known to write fanfic, but my time is mostly spent writing "original" fiction, now. If you're interested in my Buffy/Angel (and Angel/Spike) fanfic, you can find it at My "pro" site is

Interests (149):

amends, angel, angel in leather, angel smut, angel the series, angel/buffy, angelus, anita blake, anita blake vampire hunter, anne rice, anti-asshattery, anti-bigotry, anti-fascist, b/a, b/a ship, b/a shipper, b/a shippers, b/f, beecher/keller, being kind doesn't hurt, big damn heroes, bite me joss, bon temps, books, brian griffen, brian/justin, btvs, buddha, buddhism, buffy, buffy summers, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, buffy/angel ship, buffy/angel shippers, buffy/angel/faith, buffy/faith, cbs soaps, censorship sucks, charlaine harris, chelsea quinn yarbro, clex, cornholio, crohn's disease, dalai lama, dave matthews band, david boreanaz, dawn/connor, dean girl, dean winchester, dean/castiel, dmb, doing faith, douglas adams, ducks fanfic, dvds, eric northman, facebook, faith lehane, faith/buffy, fanfic, fanfiction, fanged four, farscape, firefly, first amendment, forever, forever knight, freedom from religion, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, frillow, fuffy, gay marriage, gerard butler, god loves fangs, goodreads, graduation, grateful dead, h.a. fowler, i will remember you, illyria, jack sparrow, jack/will, jayne/hat, jayne/vera, jerry garcia, jim butcher, kim harrison, l.a. banks, las vegas, laurell k. hamilton, liam the drunken slut, man they call jayne, marriage for everyone, metallicar, monty python, mst3k, mwpp, naked angel, outright rejection of reality, pagan, paranormal romance, pirates of the caribbean, placebo, portishead, pr0n, president barack obama, pwp, rachel caine, reading, remus/sirius, rocky horror, romance writing, sam merlotte, schmoop, scooby gang, scruffy wes, sirius black, sirius lives, sirius/remus, slash, slayers, sookie stackhouse, special hell, spike/faith, spike/illyria, stephen colbert, stop censorship, sunnydale, supernatural, tanya huff, the internet's for porn, thunder from down under, true blood, twop, vampire erotica, vampire fiction, vampire romance, vampires, voracious reading, what's my line, writing, yoga, zoe/wash, ♀♀, ♀♂, ♂♂
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