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ext_63734: (*Complete sweet & innocent*)'s Journal

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Now settling into the fact I am 30(plus).

Occasionally described as either being being 'BAD MAN' (which i can't be since that's someone else) or 'EVIL' (again that another person), but keep insisting that I am mere 'Eccentric' as well as being COMPLETELY Sweet and Innocent!!!.

(And I am rich (in terms of friends, some life and some experiences, though others like money... NO.. More's the pity!!)

And No.. I have no ambition to rule the world... just want to nuke things and places i don't like that's all...

[Milton Keynes for one... now where did I stick that tactical nuke...?]

As to my origins... I am Suffolk-Born, Norfolk-Bred(1st 8 years of my life) and my heart lies in the Fens of Norfolk (Hence my name)

Interests (126):

alfred hitchcock, ancient philosophy, architecture, asking questions, autumn, avoiding dried milk, axes, baking, ballet, beer, being annoying, being contradictory, being eccentric, being helpful, being nuts *occasionally*, being out of sync, being persistent, beltane, billy connelly, boardsword, books, bryn terfel, buddhism, busy doing nothing, c. s. lewis, calton hill, canoeing, castles, celtic music, cheese, chocolate, classic literature, classic music, classical films, climbing, collie dogs, completely sweet and innocent, conservation, conversation, cooking, crafts, derek jacobi, dragons, drama, dreaming, driedmilkfree world, eddie izzard, edinburgh, erasure, evanescence, falconry, fantasy, feasts, films, fire, fresh fruit, friends, friendships, graphic novels, green & blacks chocolate, hiking, history, hitting computers, honesty, hugh laurie, inspector morse, james stewart, japanese, japanese culture, jazz music, john thaw, karl jenkins, katie melua, kissing, labyrinth, life, living life, lord of the rings, louis armstrong, love, ludovico einaudi, lunch, m*a*s*h, medieval, medieval history, medieval reenactments, meditation, mercedes lackey, monty python, more chocolate, my family, nice cup of tea, outdoors, philosophy, pubs, quotes, raw vegetables, re-enactment, reading, real ales, red dwarf, roald dahl, robin williams, rock climbing, rock music, running, samhuinn, scifi, scotland, sharing music, shiny!, sleeping, snow, socrates, star trek, stargate, stewarding, sushi, swordfighting, talks, tea, the auld hoose, the universe, time, workshops, writing
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