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ext_6437: (Boo, Painting)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Oct 27, 1966
Location:Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America
One toddler, one husband, two cats, four VCRs, 500 skeins of yarn, 1,200 video tapes, 4,500 books.

Before I fell last Thanksgiving (that would be in 2008) and tore a ligament in my right wrist, I used to knit a lot. My life since then has become an interesting exercise in "Why Ligaments Are Important," "Why You Should Never Break a Fall With Your Hands" and "No, Seriously, Never Break a Fall With Your Hand if You Don't Want Over a Year of Splints, Surgeries, Casts and Physical Therapy." The silver lining is that all these knitting-free months should be a nice rest for the carpal tunnel in my left wrist. Also I have saved a lot of money not buying yarn.

I also read a lot of fanfic, and I used to write a fair bit, too. I keep saying I'm going to post more, but for some reason I haven't posted much of anything since my daughter was born. Funny, that...

I plan to buy an account here as soon as the open beta is opened, but for now I'm very happy to use my OpenID to explore, and find others who share my interests.

Interests (136):

abby sciuto, abishag shaw, albert rosenfield, amber, anthony dinozzo, astreiant, audiofic, barack obama, barbara hambly, baseball, ben stone, benjamin january, benjamin sisko, benton fraser, captain jack sparrow, carson beckett, chattacon, christopher marlowe, conquest, dan patrick, daniel jackson, darkwing duck, david mccallum, david nykl, discworld, doctor who, dragon*con, dragoncon, ds9, ducky mallard, due south, elim garak, elizabeth swann, ellen kushner, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fanzines, five, four, galaxy quest, gaming, gamma tau upsilon, garak, gtu, harry potter, havelock vetinari, highlander, history channel, hockey, hypericon, ianto jones, illya kuryakin, jack harkness, jack mccoy, jack o'neill, jack sparrow, jadzia dax, jim cummings, jk rowling, john barrowman, julian bashir, keith olbermann, knit, knitting, knitting patterns, law & order, law & order ci, law & order svu, leroy jethro gibbs, looney labs, mail call, man from uncle, marlowe, miguel ferrer, mike logan, napoleon solo, nashville, nashville predators, ncis, nero wolfe, nine, ot3, pirates of the caribbean, podcasts, podfic, podficcing, podslash, pratchett, professionals, pundits, r lee ermey, radek zelenka, ray kowalski, ray vecchio, robert vaughn, roger zelazny, roleplaying, rose tyler, rowling, rpg, sam vimes, sapphire and steel, saul panzer, scapholunate ligament, science fiction, severus snape, sewanee, slash, snape, speculative fiction, star trek, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, steven brust, tardis, teal'c, tegan jovanka, ten, terry pratchett, tim mcgee, torchwood, trading spaces, turlough, twin peaks, university of the south, vetinari, vislor turlough, will turner, worf, writing, yarn, zelenka, ziva david
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