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ext_61364: (sheryl)'s Journal

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Location:(states/regions/territories), Canada

>>your average, lazy, sleep deprived kid with a cynical outlook to life.

工具: Photoshop CS2, mech pencil, wacom CTE-440, piano, guitar.

音樂: アリス九號., 12012, Paramore, Plastic Tree, GazettE, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, アンティック-珈琲店, 分島花音﹐ 妖精帝國, Linkin Park, UVERworld, Hoobastank, Armchair Cynics, Rentrer en Soi, abingdon boys school, T.M. Revolution, 水木年華, 南拳媽媽, 柯有倫, 嵐, 周杰倫, F.I.R., 林俊傑, 飛輪海﹐ 薛之谦, 阿蘭, 范逸臣, NewS, Tommy heavenly6, v (NEU), the brilliant green, TЁЯRA, KOTOKO﹐ DOES, THE KIDDIE, SuG, TANK, RURUTIA, 五月天, Wang Leehom, Vidoll, SID

current 漫畫/anime: 銀魂, 最遊記RELOAD, 頭文字D, 黒塚, 鋼鉄三國志, Macross Frontier, Gundam 00 S2, Full Metal Panic!, 東京魔人學園剣風帖, 結界師, BLACK CAT
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