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Alma D'sfeika

A whole world on shaky legs...

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Name:Alma D'sfeika/ Lydia
Birthdate:May 9
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm just adding away at the moment :) I add people I know, people my friends know, and random people I find who seem cool. Feel free to add me or not add me as you like :)

I'm afraid I nicked a bunch of other people's user interests because they're so much like my own and I'm falling asleep at my laptop atm.

Lydia, 21, geek, girl, super short haired freaky person, mad, unusual, poly, bi, kinky, vaguely androgynous sometimes but usually fairly female, bookworm, tomboy, amateur guitarist, good pianist, good accordionist, singer, lyricist, etymology nut, Jewess, techie addict, artist, writer, blogger, top switch, runner, model, athlete, fat girl, Lushie, Londoner, honorary Mancunian. I think that's a decent potted intro. Hopefully I'll get a proper account here soon, free or otherwise, but until then I don't think I'm allowed to make journal entries.

Also found at: - LL

Interests (148):

200 books in 2009, alyson hannigan, amanda palmer, archery, bartenura, bdsm, being snarky, bellowhead, biography, birth control, bisexual, black, bondage, book shops, books, boots, bright colours, btvs, c.s.lewis, caffeine, cambridge, camden, candles, cats, chalet school, children's books, chocolate, classics, coffee, computers, cooking, corsets, dancing, depression, domination, dragons, dreams, dreamwidth, electoral reform, elinor m. brent-dyer, equality, evanescence, fair trade, fantasy, fiction, flirting, free speech, freedom, geek girls, geekery, geeks, goth, guilty pleasures, hampstead heath, harry potter, highgate, historical fiction, historical novels, history, history books, honesty, horse riding, horses, hugs, i have lists, independence, inflicting pain, intellectual conversation, j.k. rowling, jasper fforde, kayaking, knitting, la rochelle, law, lectures, liberty, libraries, life, literacy, livejournal, london, london underground, louisa may alcott, lucy maud montgomery, manchester, maps, men, movies, music, non-conformity, non-fiction books, non-monogamy, novels, open relationships, oscar wilde, oxford, people-watching, photography, piano, piercings, pithy one-liners, politics, polyamory, pro-choice, procrastination, proportional representation, public transport, purple, questions, quotes, reading, recommendations, redheads, running, sarcasm, school stories, self-expression, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, smiles, snuggling, social issues, socialism, sociology, stars, staying up late, stephen fry, tamora pierce, therapy, thinking, thursday next, trains, trees, unusual hair, vegan food, volunteering, walking, water, whiskey, whisky, willow, wine, women, writing, ya, ya fiction,
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