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Sappho Nouveau (not real name: more of a title) is a bit of a fetishist who can be found playing away on her descant recorder in London (the original one in dear old Britannia). She is once quoted to have said 'I will try anything twice on the basis that I may have screwed it up the first time.'<br /><br />Well, alright, she didn't actually say that, but she thought it sounded cool.<br /><br />She (still) writes Harry Potter fanfiction and is working on a short play that has elongated without her say-so, a serial comic strip and a novel (and a half). She draws and reads too much for her own good. <br /><br />As you will be able to tell from her journal, she is mildly misanthropic and a hearty skeptic and critic of any and all systems and modes of belief - philosophical, religious, political, artistic and so on. Essentially, wherever there is two or three gathered together in the name of one particular viewpoint, there you will find Sappho smashing pumpkins over their heads. <br /><br />She is still single.

Interests (126):

1950's, acting, african spirituality, alan moore, alan rickman, albus dumbledore, almodovar, amalia aguilar, amsterdam, ancient civilisations, ancient egyptians, ancient romans, anthropology, astronomy, atheism, banjo, beethoven, bettie page, burlesque, cello, chaos, cheesecake, chemistry, cherry knight, chopin, christianity, classical authors, classical greek, classical guitar, comedy, coptic, corsets, diane wynne jones, discordian, dita von teese, dixieland jazz, dr. who, dumbledore's socks, ecclesiastes, evolution, fashion, florence mills, forensic science, garcia lorca, gnostic, gothic, hancock, harry potter, hellene, heraldry, history, humanism, ian mckellen, igbo, illustration, irony, jacqueline carey, japan, josephine baker, judaism, killer diller, kittie claw, lewis carroll, london, lucius' cane, lupin's cardigan, masonry, mathematics, melancholy, memetics, mervyn peake, minerva mcgonagall, muse, natalie angier, nigeria, nunneries, nuns, paganism, painting, philip larkin, philip pullman, philosophy, photography, physics, piano, quentin tarantino, rammstein, relativity, remus lupin, richard dawkins, richard semon, roman catholicsm, royalty, ruby lee, russia, sandwiches, scarlett johansson, science, scott joplin, sexuality, sign language, simone weil, skepticism, snape's hat, space, st. augustine, steampunk, tamara de lempicka, tamora pierce, tchaikovsky, tempest storm, the anglican church, the old masters, the victorians, theatre, theology, tightlacing, time, universal salvation, urban decay, vaudeville, violin, weapons (of old), women, woodwork, yeah yeah yeah's
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