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A cynical, opinionated, computer-obsessed transhumanist geek. I'd like to go agalmic and posthuman one of these days, but meanwhile I spend way too much time pissing around with computers, reading, listening to music and generally having lots of fun.

Oh, and I waffle quite a lot. This is usually because no-one's stopping me. Try and talk about yourself if you see me please, I always enjoy hearing about new things.

Interests (146):

, alan turing, albion fuzz, alyson hannigan, angst technology, anime, artificial intelligence, atari teenage riot, atheism, babylon 5, badly drawn kitties, ban the basics, befunge, binary, bittorrent, blond and immoral men, book shops, books, broadband, buffy the vampire slayer, c, caffeine, cartoons, catgirls, cats, charles stross, cider, closeness, coffee, comedy, computer games, computer science, computers, cory doctorow, cybernetics, cyberpunk, daria, debating, debian, demonology 101, dilbert, discworld, doctor fun, dork tower, dvd writers, elegant hacks, everything2, farscape, females, films, filthy minds, firefly, freefall, fruit, fur will fly, furry, gadgets, garfield, geek girls, geeks, general protection fault, ghost in the shell, glasses, gnome, goats, greg egan, html, iain m. banks, ikea, intelligence, ken mcleod, kevin and kell, kevin smith, learning new things, libraries, linux, live theatre, lust, mac hall, magnetic fields, megatokyo, meta, mind games, monty python, mozilla, mp3, music, neal stephenson, nethack, neuromancer, penny arcade, phd, php, piled higher and deeper, portal, post-humanism, post-singularity hard sf, postfurry, pro-sex, programming, pvp, python, queen of wands, r.e.m., radiohead, red dwarf, redheads, rock music, rpgs, sabrina online, schlock mercenary, science fiction, scuba, sex, sex and the city, shaw island, sinfest, sleeping, smart people, something positive, spaced, stand up comedy, star trek, swimming, tea, technology, the pixies, the whiteboard,, too human, transhumanism, transmetropolitan, ubersoft, umlaut house, unconventional beauty, useless cyborg add-on modules, user friendly, vernor vinge, vim, w3c, webcomics, will and grace, wireless sensor networks, women, xbox, xkcd
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