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ext_5955: (Kings: Rose)'s Journal

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Birthdate:Feb 5
Location:South Carolina, United States of America

25; MA in English; AB in music and English; writer; dreamer; mother; singer; wearer of sexy sunglasses; maker upper of verbs (verber, if you will); fashionista; cat lover; Old English scholar; coffee and tea addict; reader; listener; kick ass mortal kombat player; shoe collector; gin and tonic drinker; sister, lesbian; fic writer; icon maker; at times a fangirl; tech college teacher; admissions specialist (ha!); roleplayer; women's college graduate; HAPPY; in love

Things I Like

In no particular order: gin, books, cats, ashley, icons, music, jazz, food, wine, acting, theatre, tea, ceramics, purple and pink, tv, Modernism, anime hair, horses, short stories, dessert, manga, anime, politics, james bond, women, sometimes men, fiction, fantasy, teapots, the beach, fashion, gender studies, feminism, shopping, shoes, clothes, coffee, dragons, james joyce, movies, hellsing, languages, femslash, fic, smut, rpg, cooking, eating small animals, living in charleston, poetry, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Harold Pinter, Michael Frayn, ice cream, Italy, literature, queer theory, photography, evelyn waught. There's always more to come.


Right now, I tend to write here and there in small, mostly literary fandoms (such as Copenhagen and Brideshead Revisited). But my larger ones are Law and Order SVU and Hellsing. I love anything that presents a challenge. I also watch a lot of and read a lot of meta about sci fi/fantasy. Kings is my new crush.

Interests (150):

academics, acting, alex/liz, alucard, anglo saxon, anime, art, axi, beethoven, being right, books, boy princess, brideshead revisited, casey novak, casey/liz, cats, ceramics, chapstick, chaucer, cj cregg, classical music, clothing, coffee, commas, constructive criticism, cooking, critical theory, damien rice, daniel craig, dark shadows, dessert, djuna barnes, dogs, drabbles, dragons, e m forster, ee cummings, elizabeth bishop, english teachers, eudora welty, f scott fitzgerald, f/f, fandom, fanfic, fantasy, fashion, feminism, femslash, fiction, film, flannery o'conner, food, forever knight, gay rights, gender studies, george orwell, gin and tonic, gone with the wind, government, harold pinter, hellsing, hellsing ultimate, henry james, horses, human rights, icons, integra hellsing, integraxalucard, iron chef, italy, james bond, james joyce, jazz, judith light, kittens, languages, law and order svu, lesbians, liberal republicans, literary criticism, literature, liz donnelly, lord asriel, lucky brand jeans, madeleine peyroux, manga, maupassant, michael frayn, minimal icons, modernism, movie sountracks, movies, muse, music, music theory, musicals, nbc kings, news, old english, original fic, oscar wilde, pasta salad, photography, pink, poetry, politics, post-modernism, project runway, publishing, purple, quality writing, queer theory, reading, rent, robert mcalmon, rock, roleplaying, sara orne jewett, science fiction, sean connery, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, short stories, smetana, smut, solid&etc, speed grapher, star trek, stargate, starsailor, tattoos, tea, teapots, the beach, the west wing, theatre, toni morrison, travel, trinity blood, twelve-tone theory, ugly betty, vampires, weeds, white tea, wine and beer, women's studies, words, writing, zelda fitzgerald
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