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ext_56896: Pallas Athene by Gustav Klimt (athena)'s Journal

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Name:Jazz Sexton
Birthdate:Sep 28, 1986
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Interests (118):

a song of ice and fire, acrylics, acting, ambition, anime, anne sexton, art, august rodin, being creative, big love, bikini kill, blue, broadway, butterflies, cameras, canvas, cat power, caterpillars, children's literature, collages, comics, complimenting deer, cosplaying, daria, dark chocolate, decemberists, developing pictures, dexter, diana wynne jones, diy, drawing, ds, ds lite, eddie izzard, ema skye, fantasy, film, final fantasy, francesca lia block, furi kuri, george r r martin, getting published, ghosts, giraffes, glitter nail polish, gryffindor, guitar, gustav klimt, halloween, harrassing groundhogs, harry potter, hello kitty, heroes, his dark materials, illustration, japan, joanna newsom, kill bill, kung fu high school, languages, les miserables, manga, mirah, neil gaiman, neverland, nicole kidman, ninja, nintendo, onychomancy, opinions, other countries, painting, paper dolls, paranormal activity, pasta, peter pan, phantom of the opera, philip pullman, phoenix wright, photography, playing dress-up, princess tutu, psp, punk rock, quentin tarantino, reading, rent, rocky horror picture show, ruby slippers, sailor mercury, science fiction, sewing, silversun pickups, speaking like andy warhol, star wars, super gals!, supergirl, tang soo do, teen titans, tekkoshocon, tennessee williams, the beatles, the mountain goats, the shins, the spiderwick chronicles, uma thurman, ursula k. leguin, video games, weeds, weetzie bat, wicked, wii, witch baby, wizard of oz, women's rights, womens studies, writing, x-men
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